Rohnil® is Pioneer in designing, manufacturing vast range of Plastic Wheel Chocks in India. Our Wheel Chocks are far more superior in quality compared to other wheel chocks. We manufacture wheel chocks of various types & sizes.

We are indigenously designers & manufacturers of different types of Plastic Wheel Chocks for MHCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicle), LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) & SCV (Small Commercial vehicles). Our Plastic wheel chocks conform to DIN 76051-53Specifications. Our Plastic Wheel chocks are far better in comparison to others available worldwide. It is ergonomically designed, does not have any sharp edges. Ours is unique design & can nowhere be found in the world, especially manufactured for Indian roads.

We humbly submit that our product is 100% MADE IN INDIA and enjoys the highest quality comparable to any product all over the world.


  • Our MHCV R-560 is tested at ARAI, Automobile research association of India.
  • Introducing NV-560 for OEM only
  • Our MHCV was rigorously tested & approved by TATA Motors
  • All our Plastic Wheel chocks are approved by TATA MOTORS.


Salient Features of Our Plastic Wheel Chocks.

  • Ultimate Performance
  • Literally no wear tear to Chocks, truck tyres or ground/ road surface.
  • Can Withstand Higher loads compared to IMPORTED ones due to our unique design.
  • Antiskid rubbers at bottom, introduced first time in the world, others use metals.
  • No metal or metal parts.
  • Longer life, no replacement sought by our customers from 2 years of supply.


We are also first in India to manufacture Monolithic Rubber, EPDM Wheel chocks in various sizes, colours as per client specifications for Aviation Industry which does not have any Metal. We are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We are fully committed to supply defect free & precise products to our clients. The constructive efforts have helped us offer customized solutions to our clients and meet their diverse requirements. Furthermore, we are committed to deliver consignments, on-time to the clients.

Rohnil® takes pride that it has always been in the forefront in designing & indigenously manufacturing futuristic safety products for logistic industry by Mr. Mahesh Khosla who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Owing to our deep industry knowledge, vast experience and management capabilities, we have garnered a huge clientele all across the country.