Plastic Wheelchock as per DIN Specification

Our MAKE IN INDIA Plastic Wheel Chock is confirming to DIN 76051 “Chocks for motor vehicles, semitrailers and towings” (Version November 1992).
Wheel Chock is manufactured by Injection Moulding from durable U.V. stabilised and chemical resistant plastic. The weight and strength ratio is very high, per chock the weight is 2.25 to 2.5 Kgs. only. The Chock comes with ergonomically Moulded-in handle. The Wheel Chock also has provision for fitting i.e. simply fixing it to truck or trailer bodies to ensure the chock is always on board.

We wish to inform you that we have surpassed the test compared to Chinese material. Our wheel chock weight is around 2.25 to 2.5 Kgs compared to Chinese material of 1.25 Kgs. Further the inner & outer walls of our wheel chocks are 6 mm thick while the Chinese is 2 to 3 mm thick. Our Wheel chocks will be UV stabilised. If needed be we can also make the wheel chock FRP (Fire Retardant Properties) compliant based on the clients need.

In case you may need Plastic wheel chock to match with the rates of Metal wheel chock, we have it in Recycled Black colour Plastic weight around 3.00 Kgs.


  • Vehicle Stabilising
  • Lorry and Van Parking
  • Constructions sites \ maintenance work areas.
  • Loading Unloading area.
  • Vehicle Docking area

The Thermoplastic plastic wheel chock is entirely produced in INDIA. ROHNIL Wheel Chock is stronger, lighter and easy to handle. The wheel chock complies with the DIN 76051 regulations. We can also provide chock holders for our wheel chock that can be attached to a vehicle or wall for storage when not in use, also this can enhanced for security reason a padlock can be used to prevent the theft of the wheel chock whilst the vehicle is unmanned.

Their main purpose is for vehicle stabilisation. To be used on vehicles to prevent the chances of moving on hills or slopes. Used frequently on large, truck, lorry and trailer.

Wheel Chock commonly seen on construction sites, where large heavy vehicles are being used either for loading or unloading and the wheel chock is used as a security measure in event of brake failure.
The ADR* requirement at 8.1.5 (a) is “for each vehicle (of a transport unit), at least one chock of a size suitable to the weight of the vehicle and to the diameter of the wheels.
*ADR is the term used to describe the “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Part Number Height
Weight (Kg.) +/- (5%) Applications Gross
Vehicle Weight
RP-PWC-1 230 mm
200 mm
470 mm
2.25 For trucks, capacity per chock 6.5 Ton 20 Ton


R-560 for MHCV
R-360 Side View
R-360 for LCV
R-270 for SCV


Plastic Wheelchock as per DIN Specification
3D View
Plastic Wheelchock as per DIN Specification
Front View
Side View of Plastic Wheelchock as per DIN Specification
Side View
Rear View
Rear View