Segment Type Vs Fully Moulded

Comparison of Rubber Wheel chocks: Segment type V/s. Fully Moulded

Description Wheel Chock
A)    10” (L) X 10” (B) X 10” (H)
B)    12” (L) X 10” (B) X 10” (H)
Segment Type Fully Moulded
1 Nuts Bolts & Metal Parts Yes Nil
2 Rusting chances of Metal parts Yes Nil
3 Sparking due to friction of Metal parts Yes Nil
4 Chances of Segments opening on Impact/ Pressure Yes No
5 Injuries during handling due to metal parts Possible Negligible
6 Impact Strength Less More
7 Finish Ok Good
8 Durability/ Sturdiness Less More
9 Life Span Less More
10 Repairing expenses Yes Nil
11 Weight in Kgs. For 10” x 10” X 10” Approximate: 12.5 Approximate: 10.5
12 Cost compared in terms of Usage More Less

Opening / Splitting of Segments on Impact / Pressure

segment-on-pressure1 segment-on-pressure2


Fully Moulded Wheel Chock without segments